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News: Beit Hadassah Shooting // Beit HaShalom

The Jewish Community of Hebron
January 16, 2008

1. Beit Hadassah shooting


For the first time in many years, Arabs shot at Beit Hadassah this morning. Some 15 shots were fired from a Kalashnikov rifle, from the Harat a'Shech hills, of which two bullets hit Hebron homes, one hitting a child's room and the other a parent's room. Another bullet was discovered in the outdoors courtyard, where children were playing.

The Hebron community council sent an emergency telegram to Defense minister Ehud Barak, which said, "As all of Eretz Yisrael has been transformed into a 'front,' and shooting has begun again in Hebron, we request that you deal with security of Jews and refrain from expelling them from their homes."
A copy of the telegram was sent to ministers of the Shas party.


2. Beit HaShalom

Yesterday the Hebron Jewish Community released a
video showing the Arab contractor Rajbi counting the money he received for Beit HaShalom in Hebron. This morning an audio recording of Rajbi was played on Israel radio, with him stating that 'due to pressure from top officials in the Palestinian Authority, he was forced to change his version of the events.'

Last night, following airing of the video on Israeli television news, Rajbi was arrested by 'Palestinian Authority security forces.'

In addition, the community received a report from Dr. Mordechai Vardi, a forensic specialist who specializes in handwriting analysis, which concludes that the police investigation into the purchase of Beit HaShalom was 'unprofessional' and one-sided.'

As a result, the Jewish Community of Hebron has filed an 'owner's claim' with the Jerusalem Municipal Court, demanding that the court fully investigate the documentary evidence of the sale of the building and is requesting a postponement of tomorrow's planned Supreme Court hearing until the case is heard and decided in the Municipal Court.


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