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Hebron Aid Flotilla Press Release

Ronn Torossian & Yossi Baumol
October 21, 2010

Ronn Torossian, (212) 999-5585,
NEW YORK, October 20, 2010 – The Hebron Fund announced today they would host a fundraiser on Tuesday November 16th at 6 PM aboard a ship holding 1000 people. The event is entitled “The Hebron Aid Flotilla.”  The boat will leave from Pier 59 at Chelsea Piers.
The Hebron Fund Annual dinner, which last year was held in Citi Field stadium amidst much controversy and protest, takes on special significance this year as many are celebrating the continued construction of Jewish settlements, after Israeli Prime Minister bowed to world pressure and stopped building temporarily.
“We are thrilled at the expansion of Jewish life in all areas of the so called West Bank and we decry the anti-Semitic attempts to curb that expansion.  After the world absurdly condemned Israel for a boarding a terrorist flotilla, we decided to hold our fundraiser on a ship. Our flotilla will support peace and life!”
“The Jewish settlements are legal and donations to humanitarian and religious causes are tax deductible by law regardless of the ethnicity or the location of the recipients. Hebron is one of the holiest Jewish cities, where the Cave of the Patriarchs is located. Hebron was the first tract of land purchased in the Land of Israel by the first Jew of the world.  Just as Jews can live freely in Harlem, Moscow and Paris, so too are they free to live and build anywhere they choose in the Land of Israel,” said Yossi Baumol, Executive Director of the Hebron Fund. We encourage Americans to provide tax deductible donations to aid the residents of Judea and Samaria. President Obama must know that discrimination against the expansion of Jewish life won’t be tolerated.”
Mr. Baumol also made a point of thanking the dozen or so anarchist protestors who campaign against the Hebron Fund dinners every year. “Their protest and opposition does so much to bring out our supporters in droves. They are worth their weight in gold!”
Special guests, including American and Israeli politicians will be present.  The Master of Ceremonies will be esteemed criminal defense attorney Ben Brafman. The keynote speaker will be Ms. Caroline Glick, producer of the video clip “We Con the World” which spoofed the hypocrisy inherent in the public reaction to the Flotilla incident.

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